So many followers, so little likes. That might as well be the new adage of the times, with so many businesses trying- and failing- to get their customers to interact with their social media content in any kind of meaningful way. It’s one of the biggest frustrations expressed by companies seeking to use social media as a means of boosting their profile and their profits.

So when I reached out to my clients and subscribers about the biggest struggles they were facing in using social media to drive sales, it came as no surprise that many of you were singing this same tune. “I have thousands of followers, but I can’t seem to get the likes or comments I need from my posts.” or "I can't can't seem to get anyone to like my page or follow my account" I heard some variation of this over and over again. 

That made planning my next session easy: How to Increase Social Media Engagement- WITHOUT Ads!

It’s one thing to teach you how to optimize your social media advertising, but I’m invested in making the digital marketplace a virtual goldmine for all my clients. That means giving you the tools to turn your ordinary social media activities into extraordinary opportunities. 

Here’s a sneak peak of what we discussed.

If you’re ready to improve your social media game, then you need these solid strategies that have been proven to cut through the noise, and position my clients for success. Here’s how to access the full class.  


What's covered in this class: 

  1. 8 types of content you can use to create highly valuable Facebook live events
  2. 5 ways to increase the number of viewers and audience engagement on your live stream
  3. My 3 recommended platforms for creating livestreams that include graphics, text overlays, powerpoint slides etc.
  4. How to attract targeted followers on Instagram without spending money on ads
  5. Increasing engagement on Instagram without ads  

REPLAY ONLY  - $97 $47 
  1. The Premium Bundle includes:
  2. How to Increase Social Media Engagement without using Ads (90 minute class)
  3. Driving Sales with Social Media – Introductory Lesson (60 minute class)
  4. Driving Sales with Social Media - Masterclass  - These classes cover the single strategy I use to help my clients generate up 5,000% return on every dollar spent on ads (3 hour class)
  5. Facebook & Instagram Ads 101 - Practical guide featuring live, step by step creation of effective Facebook & Instagram Ads using Facebook Ads Manager (3 hour class)
  6. Facebook & Instagram Ads 102  - Advanced strategies for increasing return on your every dollar you spend on ads (3 hour class)
Premium BUNDLE- USD247 USD147 
Incredible USD150 discount disappears Monday May 15, 11:59pm
Join today and watch what strategic social media management can do for you.